Coffee Doesn't Have To Be An Afterthought

When you have to worry about clearing the pass and turning tables, coffee can get lost in the shuffle. Let us worry about that. Beyond great coffee, we offer machine recommendations and best brewing practices for existing machines to ensure the quality is consistent and high.

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Our coffee is carefully roasted to bring out the unique flavors and aromas of each batch, providing your customers with a rich and satisfying experience. Prefect for brunch, cocktails, dessert, or brewing.

We are interested in partners who are passionate about quality coffee and sustainability. Some of our existing partners range from intimate high-end restaurants to large breweries.

We Partner With Farmers And Importers Who Give a Damn As Much As We Do.


Costa Rica


Commitment to Ethical Sourcing

We are passionate about sourcing the highest quality coffee beans from around the world. Our commitment to quality starts with working closely with small-scale farmers, cooperatives, and importers to ensure that our coffee beans are ethically sourced and sustainably grown. This means that our coffee not only tastes fantastic, but it also supports the livelihoods of our farmers, their families, and their communities.

Our Roaster

Michael co-founded Daydrink in October 2020 as a pop-up. After two successful weekends, it was decided they would keep the shop going for a while longer. They implemented a glass jar reuse program to push their sustainability mantra of “A Coffee Shop That Gives a Damn.” Michael began roasting in November 2021 and packaging their retail coffee in reusable glass jars. In just a short one year and three months since they began roasting, their coffee can be found in shops across the Midwest including Dayglow, who recently reached out to use them for their monthly subscription and to feature their coffee on their website. Along the way, Michael has trained over a dozen baristas and managed the shop to become a successful staple of Downtown Iowa City with hopes of a second, stand-alone location in the coming year. Michael recently completed a trip to Mexico to meet with local farmers and better understand the coffee farming side of the process and how they can work with farmers to make sure their needs are met. Michael truly cares about his craft, always seeking ways to improve, and invests his time, money, and energy into his employees and his community. Michael Beyne very much gives a damn and is a huge asset to the specialty coffee community.

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